China Buddhist Temples

- China Buddhist Temples

China-Buddhist-Temples-800China Buddhist Temples

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People's Republic of ChinaBeijingBig Bell Temple...

Beijing, Fayuan Temple

Fayuan-Temple_ton-800Fayuan Temple

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The Fayuan Temple (Chinese: 法源寺; pinyin: Fǎyuán Sì)...

Anhui, Huacheng Temple

Huacheng-Temple_to-aHuacheng Temple

Huacheng Temple (Chinese: 化城寺) is the oldest and most prominent temple in...

Beijing, Guanghua Temple (Beijing)

Guanghua-Temple-Beijing_t-800Guanghua Temple (Beijing)

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Guanghua Temple (simplified Chinese...

Beijing, Big Bell Temple

Big-Bell-Temple_t-800Big Bell Temple

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The Big Bell Temple, or Da Zhong Temple (simplified Chinese...

Beijing, Guangji Temple

Guangji-Temple_tonemappedGuangji Temple

The Guangji Temple (simplified Chinese: 广济寺; traditional Chinese: 廣濟寺...

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