The Eastern Desert

- The Eastern Desert

Eastern-DesertThe Eastern Desert

The deeper you go into the desert, the closer you come to God.

Arab proverb

To the east of Amman the suburbs gradually...

Desert Castles


A string of buildings (pavilions, caravanserais, hunting lodges, forts) and ruins - known collectively (if a little erroneously)...



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'Castle' Azraq.

During the Arab Revolt, T.E. Lawrence based his operations here in 1917–18, an experience he wrote...



Mafraq (Arabic: المفرق‎ Al-Mafraq, local dialects: Mafrag or Mafra' , "crossroads") is the capital city of Mafraq Governorate...

Azraq Wetland Reserve

Azraq-Wetland-800Azraq Wetland Reserve

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The Azraq Wetland Reserve is a nature reserve located near the town of Azraq in the eastern desert...

Qasr al Hallabat

Qasr-al-HallabatQasr al Hallabat

Qasr al Hallabat is a town in the Zarqa Governorate of north-western Jordan.[1] The town is named after the Umayyad castle...

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