Asir Province

- Asir Province

asir-01-800Asir Province

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Flower Men, Asir, Saudi Arabia

The flower men live in Yemen and Saudi Arabia. They wear a headdress made with...

Asir National Park

Asir-National-Park-800Asir National Park

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This national park was Saudi Arabia’s first and contains some of the Kingdom’s most spectacular...



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Abha (Arabic: أبها‎ Abhā) is the capital of Asir province in Saudi Arabia. It is situated at...

Farasan Islands

Farasan-Islands_tonFarasan Islands

The Farasan Islands form part of an archipelago about 40km off the coast of Jizan. Farasan, the main island, makes a great...



Al-Soudah, or ‘the black one’, so named for the black clouds that so often surround it, is jaw-droppingly beautiful. Located...



The old village of Habalah sits precariously halfway down a cliff face about 63km southeast from Abha. To reach the village, you can...

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