Syrian painters

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Syrian-painters-800Syrian painters

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AKhaled al-KhaniKrayem AwadBRiad BeyroutiHOmar...

Krayem Awad

Krayem-Awad-800Krayem Awad

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Krayem Maria Awad (born 1948) is a Vienna-based painter, sculptor...

Fateh Moudarres

Fateh-MoudarresFateh Moudarres

Fateh al-Moudarres (Arabic: فاتح المدرس‎) (1922—1999) was a Syrian...

Louay Kayali

Louay-Kayali-800Louay Kayali

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Louay Kayali (Arabic: لؤي كيالي‎), (1934–1978) was a...

Khaled al-Khani

Khaled-al-Khani-800Khaled al-Khani

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Khaled Alkhani, born in Hama, Syria, 17, is a Syrian...

Mahmoud Hammad

Mahmoud-Hammad-800Mahmoud Hammad

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Mahmoud Hammad (Born 1923. Jarabulus, Syria) is a Syrian...

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