Central Mongolia

- Central Mongolia

Central-Mongolia-01-800Central Mongolia

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Tuul Gol dans la région de Lün (province de Töv)

Roll out of Ulaanbaatar in a Russian jeep and...

Bogd Khan Mountain

Bogdkhan-UulBogd Khan Mountain

蒙古Ovooni enger ger camp蒙古包度假村-8-中央省會Zuunmod市Bogd Khan山(聖山-博格汗山)旁-20100804-Bird...



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Arkhangai (Mongolian: Архангай, literally Northern Khangai) is one of the 21 aimags of Mongolia...



Around 20km east of Ulaanbaatar, the town of Gachuurt offers the chance to quickly trade city traffic and bustle for riverside walks...



A nondescript but friendly aimag capital, Arvaikheer is of little interest except as a place to eat and rest, refuel the jeep or...

Kharkhorin, Karakorum

Kharkhorin-800Kharkhorin, Karakorum

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In the mid-13th century, Karakorum was a happening place. Chinggis Khaan established a supply base...

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