Eastern Mongolia

- Eastern Mongolia

Eastern-Mongolia-01-800Eastern Mongolia

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Eastern Mongolia is where heaven and earth fuse into one part – a blank slate of blue sky colliding with...

Binder & Batshireet

Batshireet-800Binder & Batshireet

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At the confluence of the Khurkh and Onon Gols, the village of Binder is a good place to rest on your...

Baldan Bereeven Khiid

Baldan-Bereeven-Khiid-800Baldan Bereeven Khiid

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This monastery in Ömnödelger sum was first built in 1700. At its peak it was one of the three...

Burkhan Khalduun

Burkhan-Khalduun-800Burkhan Khalduun

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Remote Burkhan Khaldun, elevation 2350m, is one of the sites mooted as the burial place of Chinggis...



Sükhbaatar’s desolation is nowhere more evident than in its capital, Baruun-Urt, a scruffy, one-horse town in the...



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Lying on the banks of the Kherlen Gol, 324km downstream from Öndörkhaan, is Choibalsan, Mongolia’s...

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