P, North Luzon

- North Luzon

North-Luzon-800North Luzon

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Generalisations fall short when describing this vast region of misty mountains, sprawling plains and endless...



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Banaue is synonymous with Luzon’s most famous icon, the Unesco World Heritage–listed Ifugao rice terraces...

Babuyan Islands

Babuyan-IslandsBabuyan Islands

The Babuyan Islands (/bɑːbəˈjɑːn/ bah-bə-YAHN) is roughly a circular archipelago located in the Luzon Strait, north of...

Basco, Batanes

Basco-Batanes-800Basco, Batanes

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Basco (also known as Santo Domingo de Basco) is a fifth class municipality in the Batanes Province...



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The City of Baguio (Ilokano: Ciudad ti Baguio; Filipino: Lungsod ng Baguio) is a highly urbanized city located in...



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Batad Rice Terraces - Landscapes

Batad is a fifth class municipality in the province of Iloilo, Philippines...

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