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Changing Taiwan Spaces

Haian street was rejuvenated by local artists and has now become a busy commercial street and the artists are...

Black-Faced Spoonbill Reserve

Black-Faced-Spoonbill-800Black-Faced Spoonbill Reserve

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The reserve is a small section of wetlands on the west coast of Tainan County that's...



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The high mountain resort of Alishan (Ālǐshān; adult/child NT150/100, during holidays NT200/100) has long been...

Changhua, Lukang

Lukang-Street-1-01-800Changhua, Lukang

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Lukang Street 1

Lukang (Chinese: 鹿港; pinyin: Lùgǎng; Wade–Giles: Lu-kang; Pe̍h-ōe-jī...

Aogu Wetlands

Aogu-Wetlands-800Aogu Wetlands

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Just when you think you've got Taiwan pegged as a mountainous island covered in dense forest, you discover...



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Chiayi temple procession - face-painted participant

Chiayi City (sometimes romanized as Jiayi) (Chinese...

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