Bhutan Top 10 Sights

Bhutan The World’s Happiest Country

Bhutan-The-Worlds-Happiest-Country-big-800Bhutan  The World’s Happiest Country

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Bhutan: The World’s Happiest Country

There is the...

Gangtey Monastery

Gangtey-Monastery_to-800Gangtey Monastery

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This beautiful glacial...

Bhutan people

Bhutan-people-800Bhutan people

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There are many ethnic groups in Bhutan, and no one...

Kurje Lhakhang

Kurje-Lhakhang_ton-800Kurje Lhakhang

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Located in the sacred...

Chime Llakhang

Chime-Llakhang-800Chime Llakhang

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This small 16th century...

Panakha Festival

Bhutan-Top-10-Sights_to-800Panakha Festival

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Join hundreds of...

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