Eastern Bhutan

- Eastern Bhutan

Eastern-Bhutan-01-800Eastern Bhutan

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Eastern Bhutan, on te way between Trashigang and Phongme.

Even though it is the most densely populated...



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Tsechu at the Lhuentse Dzong.

Tsechu are annual religious Bhutanese festivals held in each district or dzongkhag...

Drametse Goemba

Drametse-Goemba_t-800Drametse Goemba

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Drametse is the biggest and most important monastery in eastern Bhutan. It's an 18km, hour-long detour on...



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enroute to Ha

Most towns in the west of Bhutan are in valleys. In eastern Bhutan most towns, including Mongar, are...

Far Eastern Bhutan

Far-Eastern-Bhutan-800Far Eastern Bhutan

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The paved road east from Trashigang travels up the valley of the Gamri Chhu to Rangjung, and then...

Sakten Wildlife Sanctuary

Brokpa_to-800Sakten Wildlife Sanctuary

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From Phongme, a trail leads east to the remote minority villages of Merak and Sakten, which are...

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