Central Bhutan

- Central Bhutan

Central-Bhutan-01-800Central Bhutan

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Paddy fields near Wangdu

There is a great variety of people, architecture and scenery in central Bhutan...



The large border town of Gelephu is the gateway to the south and to the Manas area. There's a tsachhu (hot spring) in nearby...

Bumthang, Dzongkhag

Bumthang-01-800Bumthang, Dzongkhag

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Tang valley in Bumthang district

Bumthang District (Dzongkha...



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Jakar dzong

the "fortress of the White Bird", Bumthang, Bhutan

unique in that the central tower (utse) extends...

Chokhor Valley

Chokhor-Valley_to-800Chokhor Valley

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To most people the Chokhor valley is Bumthang and the Chokhor valley is often called the Bumthang valley or...



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The traditional village of Shingkhar, made up of only 35 households, is 9km up a good gravel side road from Ura...

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