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jaffnaNorthern Province

The Northern Province (Tamil: வட மாகாணம் Vaṭakku Mākāṇam; Sinhala: උතුරු පළාත...

Jaffna’s Islands

Jaffnas-IslandsJaffna’s Islands

Southwest of the Jaffna peninsula is a clutch of low-lying islands, some attached to one another and the mainland by...



Jaffna (Tamil: யாழ்ப்பாணம் Yalpanam, Sinhala: යාපනය Yāpanaya) is the capital city of the Northern...



Karaitivu has two main things going for it: access to Kayts and the trippy crossing from Jaffna across a long, water-skimming...

Jaffna Peninsula

Jaffna-Peninsula-800Jaffna Peninsula

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The Jaffna Peninsula is an area in Northern Province, Sri Lanka. It is home to the capital city of the...



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Thirukketheeswaram Temple

Mannar (Tamil: மன்னார், Sinhala: මන්නාරම), formerly spelled...

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