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Istana Alam Shah - The Sultan of Selangor's official residence...

Kelantan, Istana Jahar

Istana-Jahar_to-800Istana Jahar

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The Istana Jahar was a royal residence in Kota Bharu in...

Johor Bahru, Istana Besar

Istana-Besar-800Istana Besar

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Istana Besar or Grand Palace is the royal palace of the Sultanate...

Kuala Lumpur, Istana Melawati

Istana-Melawati_to-800Istana Melawati

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Istana Melawati is the second national palace of Malaysia's...

Johor Bahru, Istana Bukit Serene

Istana-Bukit-Serene-800Istana Bukit Serene

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Istana Bukit Serene is the royal palace and official...

Kuala Lumpur, Istana Negara, Jalan Istana

Istana-Negara-Jalan-Istana_to-800Istana Negara, Jalan Istana,_Jalan_Istana

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The Istana Negara (Malay for...

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