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AAhmad Zakii AnwarCCheah Thien SoongGYusof GhaniIKhalil Ibrahim...

Khalil Ibrahim

Khalil-Ibrahim-800Khalil Ibrahim

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Khalil Ibrahim (born 1934) is a Malaysian artist...

Alex Ong

Alex-Ong-800Alex Ong

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Alex Ong Boon Hau (Chinese: 翁文豪; born 1951) is a Malaysian...

Redza Piyadasa

Redza-PiyadasaRedza Piyadasa

Redza Piyadasa was a Malaysian artist, art critic and art historian.

Piyadasa was...

Chang fee ming

Chang-fee-ming-800Chang fee ming

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CHANG FEE MING was born in February 1959...

Syed Thajudeen

Syed-Thajudeen-800Syed Thajudeen

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Syed Thajudeen Shaik Abu Talib was born in 1943 and spent his...

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