Southwestern Sabah

Batu Punggul

Batu-Punggul_toBatu Punggul

Perhaps even more so than the Maliau Basin, this is as remote as it gets in Sabah. Not far from the Kalimantan border, Batu...



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If you have a bent for the bucolic, you'll probably want to skip Keningau – this busy service town has a touch...

Beaufort, Sabah

Beaufort--SabahBeaufort,  Sabah

Born as a timber town, Beaufort has reinvented itself with the proliferation of palm-oil plantations. A suitable pit stop...



The tea-brown Sungai Klias looks somewhat similar to the mighty Kinabatangan, offering short-stay visitors a chance to spend an evening...



Narrower than the river in Klias, the Sungai Garama is another popular spot for the popular river-cruise day trips from KK. Chances of...

Kuala Penyu

Kuala-Penyu-800Kuala Penyu

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Tiny Kuala Penyu, at the northern tip of the peninsula, is the jumping-off point for Pulau Tiga if you are not...

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