Hill tribes of Thailand

Akha people

Akha-people-800Akha people

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The Akha are an indigenous hill tribe that live in small villages at high altitudes in the mountains of...

Karen people

Karen-people_ton-800Karen people

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The Karen, Kayin or Kariang people (Per Ploan Poe or Ploan in Poe Karen and Pwa Ka Nyaw or Kanyaw in Sgaw...

Hani people

Hani-people-800Hani people

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The Hani or Ho people (Hani: Haqniq; Chinese: 哈尼族; pinyin: Hānízú; Vietnamese: Người Hà Nhì)...

Lahu people

Lahu-800Lahu people

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The Lahu people (拉祜族; own names: Ladhulsi or Kawzhawd; Vietnamese: La Hủ) are an ethnic group of China...

Hmong people

Hmong-people_to-800Hmong people

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The Hmong (RPA: Hmoob/Moob, IPA: [m̥ɔ̃ŋ]) are an Asian ethnic group from the mountainous regions of...

Lawa people

Lawa-people-800Lawa people

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Lawa (Lao: ລະວ້າ, Thai: ลั๊วะ or ละว้า English: Lawa) are an ethnic group in...

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