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Amnat Charoen province

Amnat-CharoenAmnat Charoen province

Amnat Charoen (Thai: อำนาจเจริญ, Thai pronunciation: [am.nâːt t͡ɕa.rɤːn]) is one of the...

Ban Chiang

Ban-ChiangBan Chiang

Ban Chiang (Thai: แหล่งโบราณคดี บ้านเชียง) is an archeological site located in Nong Han...



Aranyaprathet is a town (thesaban mueang) in Sa Kaeo Province in eastern Thailand . It covers the entire tambon of...

Ban Kham Pia

Ban-Kham-Pia_toBan Kham Pia

Isan is flush with village homestay programs that let you delve deep into rural life; however most are aimed at Thai tour groups...

Ban Ahong

Ban-AhongBan Ahong

Ban Ahong is a pretty riverside village 20km before Bueng Kan. Wat Ahong Silawat, on its eastern edge, is built amid ruddy boulders...

Bueng Kan

Bueng-KanBueng Kan

Little Bueng Kan is growing fast, but it's the rubber industry (40% of the province's land is now rubber-tree plantation) driving...

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