鳳山龍山寺 | Fengshan Long-Shan Temple

In the strongly aboriginal Alishan National Scenic Area, Fengshan (Fēngshān) is a bit of an anomaly in that it is exclusively ethnic Chinese. This doesn’t make it any less interesting a place to visit and if you are tired of the tame resort atmosphere at Alishan Village, a scooter ride to this remote corner of Taiwan will reward you on so many levels.

First of all, there’s an appealing ruggedness to the place. Stratified canyons rise up sharply from stony riverbeds, and dark green mountains fill up half the sky. The village and the pesticide-free fields of tea, sugar cane and mountain vegetables seem as if they remain there only by the grace of God. And in many ways they do, as typhoons and landslides (and the occasional earthquake) ravage the area almost yearly.

Outside of the little village there is precious little development and few good roads (though road reconstruction is ubiquitous). In fact, without a 4WD vehicle you will probably have to walk to most sights, though a scooter can probably make it if you are careful.

You can visit all year round. Summer is a great time to visit for swimming and river tracing. The weather is more stable than in the north, and there are no daily afternoon showers to dampen your plans. Be careful when typhoons come, as rivers become dangerously swollen and roads get washed out. It’s always best to call ahead to check on road conditions before you head out.

Autumn and winter are dry and warm and a good time for hiking and exploring canyons.

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