Castles in Lithuania

- Castles in Lithuania

Castles-in-Lithuania-800Castles in Lithuania

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Most of Lithuania's early castles were...

Medininkai Castle

Medininkai-Castle-800Medininkai Castle

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Medininkai Castle (Lithuanian: Medininkų pilis), a...

Biržai Castle

Birai-Castle_t-800Biržai Castle

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Biržai Castle is a castle in Biržai, Lithuania...

Norviliškės Castle

Norvilikes-Castle-800Norviliškės Castle

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Norviliškės Castle (a former monastery...

Kaunas Castle

Kaunas-Castle-800Kaunas Castle

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Kaunas Castle is located in Kaunas, Lithuania. Archeological...

Panemunė Castle

Panemune-Castle-800Panemunė Castle

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Panemunė Castle is a castle on the right bank of the...

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