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Lithuania-museums-800Lithuania, museums

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This is a list of museums in...

Kaunas, Museum for the Blind

Kaunas--Museum-for-the-Blind-800Kaunas,  Museum for the Blind

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The Kaunas Museum for the Blind...

Biržai Castle

Birai-Castle_to-800Biržai Castle

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Biržai Castle is a castle in Biržai, Lithuania...

Kaunas, Communication History Museum

Kaunas-Communication-History-Museum-800Kaunas, Communication History Museum

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Communications History...

Druskininkai, Grūtas Park

Druskininkai-Grutas-Park_to-800Druskininkai, Grūtas Park

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Grūtas Park (unofficially known as Stalin's...

Kaunas, Historical Presidential Palace

Kaunas-Historical-Presidential-Palace_to-800Kaunas, Historical Presidential Palace,_Kaunas

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The Historical...

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