Marquesas Islands

'Ua Pou

Ua-Pou_tone-800'Ua Pou

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‘Ua Pou’s geology is fascinating. A collection of 12 pointy pinnacles seem to soar like missiles from the...

Eiao Island

Eua-01Eiao Island

Eiao is the largest of the extreme northwestern Marquesas Islands. The island was discovered in 1791 by the American sea captain...

- Marquesas Islands

Marquesas-01-800Marquesas Islands

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November 2009, Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia.Hiva Oa, Puamau. Dancers recreate a Marquesasn...

Fatu Hiva

Fatu-Hiva-800Fatu Hiva

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As far away from the rest of the world as it’s possible to get in these modern times (despite mobile phones...



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Atuona is the southern group’s administrative capital and one of the Marquesas’ most attractive settlements...

Fatu Hiva island

Fatu-Hiva-01-800Fatu Hiva island

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Fatu Hiva is a fairly famous island that is off the beaten track. The people here were absolutely...

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