Vanuatu festivals

- Vanuatu festivals

Vanuatu-festivals_ton-800Vanuatu festivals

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Celebrations are an excellent time to see...

Ambrym Island, Yam and Magic Festival

Yam-and-Magic-FestivalYam and Magic Festival

Yam & Magic Festival is all about the celebration of the harvest...

Ambrym Island, Back To My Roots Festival

back-to-my-roots-mini-arts-festivalBack To My Roots Festival

The people of North Ambrym Island (Vanuatu)...

Malekula Island , Sand Drawing Festival

Sand-Drawing-FestivalSand Drawing Festival

Sand drawing (or sandroing in Bislama)[1][2] is a ni-Vanuatu artistic and...

Ambrym Island, Rom Dance

Rom-Dance--800Rom Dance

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The fabulous Rom Dance and Black Magic...

Tanna Island, Circumcision Ceremonies

Circumcision-Ceremonies_toCircumcision Ceremonies

August 30, 2012

Not all...