Weno Island, Blue Lagoon Resort

Weno Island, Blue Lagoon Resort



Most Of Your Time Will Be Spent Topside.
When You're Not Diving Truk Lagoon's Wrecks and Coral Reefs,
You Can Relax, and Enjoy Our Spacious Comfort.

Chuuk Hotels and Resort Options, Truk Lagoon - The Ultimate Dive Trip.

Expand Your Personal Space:

The Blue Lagoon Resort
Has 54 Large and Comfortably
Furnished Rooms.
(With Full Bath and Shower)

Chuuk Restaurant Review - Dining and Hotel Room Accommodation - More Options - More Fun.

Every Room At The
Blue Lagoon Resort Has
A Private Balcony and
A Beautiful View
Of Truk Lagoon.

Truk Lagoon Restaurant - Dining, and Special Events - Chuuk Micronesia.

The Blue Lagoon Resort
Dining Facilities Offer
Menu Ordered Meals.
... And Internet Wi-Fi.

Truk Lagoon - Non Diver Tours and Activities in Chuuk.

The Views
From Our Dining Room
Are Truly Picturesque.

Review Truk Lagoon Land Tours and Diving Operations, Chuuk Micronesia.

We're Located Beside
The Largest
"Underwater WWII Museum"
In The World.

WWII HISTORY - Wartime Relics of The Pacific - Chuuk Lagoon, Micronesia. During WWII The Blue Lagoon
Resort Grounds Were Utilized By
The Imperial Japanese Command.
Many Wartime Relics and
Structures Remain Today
Including Armament and
Defensive "Pillboxes".
Comfortable Truk Lagoon Dive Resort - Unique Dive Operation, Chuuk Micronesia.

Shaded By Palm Trees,
The Blue Lagoon Resort Grounds
Are Great For Quiet Moments,
Scenic Walks,
and Photography Of
Truk Lagoon and Chuuk Islands.

Truk Lagoon Non Diver Activies and Attractions Chuuk Micronesia.

The Blue Lagoon Resort Has
Fun Activities
For Divers and Non Divers.
Non Divers In Truk Lagoon - Snorkel The Coral Reefs of Truk Lagoon, Chuuk FSM.

Snorkeling in Chuuk.
The Shallow Coral Reefs
of Truk Lagoon
Are Something All
Visitors to Truk Lagoon
Should Experience.

Can You Go Fishing in Truk Lagoon? - Tours and Side Excursions in Chuuk Micronesia.

Go Fishing In Chuuk.
Enjoy a Truk Lagoon
Fishing Trip
"Chuukese Style".

WWII Tours and Land Excursions, Chuuk FSM.

WWII Relics Can Also
Be Seen Topside.
Let Us Arrange
Your WWII Land Tour.

Truk Lagoon Beaches-Fishing-Snorkeling-Kyaking-and Other Things To Do In Chuuk Micronesia.

The Blue Lagoon Resort
Shoreline Is Wonderful
For Privacy, ... and
Outdoor Social Events.
Professional Diving Services and Hotels - Chuuk Micronesia.

The Natural Scenery
of Chuuk
Makes It Easy To
Relax and Absorb
The Beauty of
The Pacific.
Truk Lagoon Hotel Options in Chuuk Micronesia.

Sunset Views
Of Truk Lagoon
From The
Blue Lagoon Resort.

All The Rooms Are "Ocean View Rooms" At The Blue Lagoon Resort.

"The Most Relaxing High Intensity Diving You'll Ever Do."

Experience Truk Lagoon
Topside and Underwater.