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PNG-people_to-800PNG people

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Papuan is an umbrella term for the various indigenous peoples of...

Baruya people

Baruya-people_tonBaruya people

The Baruya are a tribe in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. They have been studied...

Angu people

Angu_tonemappedAngu people

The Angu or Änga people, also called Kukukuku (pronounced "cookah-cookah") by...

Bilibil people

Bilibil-people-800Bilibil people

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Prior to 1904, the Bilibil people lived on an island offshore...

Baining people

Baining-people_toBaining people

The Baining people are among the earliest and original inhabitants of the Gazelle...

Chambri people

Chambri-people_to-800Chambri people

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Chambri (previously spelled Tchambuli) are an ethnic group in...

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